My name is Brian Foo. I am an artist and computer scientist living and working in New York City. My work focuses on making public resources such as audiovisual collections, scientific datasets, and cultural objects more visible and accessible to the general public. I accomplish this through developing processes, software, and documentation for accessing these materials as well as exploring new ways of experiencing these materials when the technical and institutional barriers are removed. I take a very public approach to this process, where I openly document my creative and technical decisions as well as share my tools, software, and assets for others to copy, extend, and adapt.

I am a data visualization artist at the American Museum of Natural History, where I communicate scientific data and research through interactive digital and physical exhibits.

I am a 2020 innovator-in-residence at the Library of Congress.

I combined music, data, and algorithms as the Data-Driven DJ.

I try to be a better friend by using art, technology, and joy.

Previously, I used code, design, and data to make library materials more available to the public at The New York Public Library.

I try to make my work and processes freely availabile, easily accessible, and well-documented.